Life.. Episode 4

“Be out now” I replied

I slowly walked towards the kitchen to joshua meet me by the door taking me to the dinning room where candles where lit, the table was set for two a beautiful lit fire in front so cosy and romantic.

He pulled a seat out for me and told me to sit. Abit demanding he was, he pulled my chair in placed a napkin on my knee and walked back into the kitchen, few seconds later he came in with giant plates filled with chickren, roast potatos and gravy and my all time favourite a nice bottle of beer.

As we began to eat I could feel each eye stiring at me as I took each mouth full.

“So tell me abit about you Claudia” he said

“What would you like to know” i replied

“What about your family any siblings or parents at all” he asked

“No I have no siblings and my mother has passed only have my father who is currently living abroad” I replied

“he smirked”

“So what about you Joseph” I asked.

“I Have one brother no sisters I have a mother but I do not know my father never met him alls I know is he has another family he replied.

“So how is the food Claudia” he asked.

“It’s loverly thankyou really tasteful” I said

“Great ill go get Dessert”

He came back in with a bowl of melted hot chocolate fudge cake with a squirt of whip cream he placed the bowl in front of me and passed me my spoon a few spoons down an all of a sutten i started feeling light headed as if I’d had to many drinks. I can hear him asking me “am I okay” but for some reason I just can’t reply its like my lips an tounge are paralysed I started feeling really hot an sweaty, my vision started to blur my slowly going pitch black. I could here him whispering as though he was talking to someone else before you know it I blacked out.

Stay tuned for what happens next.



I could smell the fresh leather that type of smell that you get when you just buy a new car.I turned my head to him and said ” so where are we going” it’s a little cottage few miles away thought we could have nice chat and nice meal cooked by me how you how good of a cook I am” he replied. I smiled.

His phone started to ring.

Bzzz, bzzz, bzzzzzz

“Aren’t you going to get that I said”

He replied” No its all about you tonight no phone allowed”.

I just looked at him abit weirded out thinking to myself wow we have only just met.

He then asked me would I like a mint, “yes please I replied” as I reached for a mint out the packet he was holding I felt the ice cold of his hand they were colder then snow its self. “So how long left I asked “. He replied “not long just down this road” he then turned a corner which looked like the woods in my eyes their were trees after trees no cars in sight the silence as you could hear the wind passing bye. He followed a dark road no lights seen, which he carried on going up I started to get a little shaken my heart started to race faster then it should, I was looking confused. Next minute I see the cottage ahead suddenly my mind at ease, my heart gradually slowing down.

“Here we are” he says, he turns of the engine gets out the car walks round to the passenger side and opens my door,he passed me his pale cold hand as he helped me out of the car.

We slowly walked into the cottage with his hand on my back as he griped my jacket, I was looking round the cottage as its looking ever so cosy the fire lit in the livingroom area I could smell cooked chickren as its cooking in the oven it was like he was really prepared for this.

“Ill back now checking the food he says” I started looking round looking at photos as they hang above the fireplace not one photo of him in sight. I went to reach my phone out my jacket pocket to it Missing I shouted to joshua asking ” I must of left my phone in the car can you grab it for me” he replied” worry about that later “and hands me a half glass of presseco” I ghess you like this type of drink don’t you”. “I refer a bottle of beer really but this is great too” he just looked at me no emotion showing” tea will be ready shortly take a seat” he says.

“Where is the rest room please” he replies” just down that corridor your last left”.I started walking down the corridor to notice a lock on a door which was slightly open I thought why not have a little look as I went to look what was behind that door, he comes from no where. “NO that rooms of limits the toilet is down there”. “Sorry my mistake”.

Have you ever been told you can’t do somethink so it just makes you wanna do it more?

Yes that’s me at this moment something was off with Joshua maybe I should be abit worried about him if you look at it this way it is abit weird I don’t even know this man and I am alone in a cottage in the middle of no we’re not even a bird in site no houses close trees that could go on for miles.

“Dinner is ready he shouts”.

Stay tunned for what happens next.

Life…. episode2

I started walking over to my car, put my shopping in the boot and Sat in the drivers seat just as I was about to put my keys in to start the engine I hurd my phone.


I picked my phone up from the car door to a text.

From 07794123443

Hi Claudia it’s joshua how about dinner Sunday 7pm?

‘I smiled and replied’


It’s a date. Claudia x

From. 07794123443

Great.. Ill pick you up no need for address I’ll find you.. Joshua x

‘strange confused look on my face’

I placed my phone on the passenger seat, placed my radio on an headed home.

One day passed bye..

It was Sunday morning the sun was shinning through my patio window as I enjoyed a hot cappuccino with my favourite magazine thinking what could I wear for this evening.

More hours passed it was now six thirty pm still nothing from him.


I picked my phone up to a text.


” I’m out side”

My heart was beating fast nervousness was kicking in I opened the front door to him standing by his car all in black again with his black car with blacked out windows I assumed he must really like black. I locked my door and walked towards him with a smile, the smell of his aftershave strongly passing my nose, his hair heavily gelled into place. I said to him ” how did you find me” he replys “I have my people”. His phone started to ring he started acting weird he turned to me and said ‘stay right there I just have to take this call’ I was trying to listen in on his conversation but he was whispering ever so quietly he looked back at me and smirked. He put the phone down and walked back towards me he opened the door to the car for me and said “you are looking ever so beautiful tonight”.and closed the door he sat the in the drivers seat an started the engine. when you start thinking is this to good to be true?.

Stay tunned for next episode.


It was dark and rather damp smelling I could feel each chain as the freezing metal wrapped around each ankle ever so tightly my heart was racing as i could feel every heart beat as if it was about to burst out of my chest the panic in my breathing just thinking if only this could be a nightmare…..

Going back one month ago……

I was doing my usual grocery shopping on a Friday afternoon so I was all set for the weekend ahead I was walking towards the till then noticed a tall dark haired man dressed all in black staring my way I didn’t think nothing of it. I started placing my items on the till. I felt warm air over my left shoulder I suddenly jumped and turned my head.

`Hi my name is Joshua I just noticed your beautiful eyes glancing at me and thought I would take the courage to come introduce myself’

‘smile on my face’

Oh hi nice to meet you my name is Claudia I said with a soft polite voice.

Cash register women said’ twenty-two pound please my dear ‘ oh yes thankyou I replied would you like bags for your shopping the cash register asked.

‘ I will help her joshua replys to the women’ oh thankyou what a gentlemen you are’ he smiles with a sparkle in his eye that was as blue as the ocean sea I just stand there glazing at him he then asks for my number I then become a teenage girl all over again giggling away ‘yes sure pass me your hand I replied’ . I reached for a pen out my bag and pulled his hand towards me writhing on his palm

‘Claudia 07246662308 xx

Joshua replied’ text you later keep that diary clear’ and walked away with a grin on his face.

Stay tunned for what happens next…